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Cocobolo    (click here for color image)

Trade or Common Name:  Cocobolo
Local Name:  Cocobolo
Botanical Name:  Dalbergia retusa
Family: Papilionaceae (syn. Fabaceae)

The Tree:  Cocobolo is a mid-sized, sub-canopy tree, reaching 45 to 60 feet in height in the natural rainforest, with trunk diameters up to 1-1/2 to 2 feet, usually of irregular form. The poorly formed stems yield the most uniquely figured and highly-prized wood. Cocobolo is leguminous, or nitrogen-fixing.

Status:  Because of its great beauty and high value, Cocobolo has been heavily exploited and is now in danger of extinction outside of national parks and preserves. It is listed as threatened in "Arboles Maderables en Peligro de Extinción en Costa Rica."

The Wood:  One of the true tropical rosewoods, Cocobolo is a very beautiful wood, ranging from a beautiful rich dark brick red, to reddish or dark brown, with a figuring of darker irregular traces weaving through the wood. It is fine textured and oily in look and feel. The wood has excellent working characteristics and the natural oils give the wood a natural luster. Cocobolo is highly durable and strong, but, because of its scarcity and high value, it is used for its rare beauty rather than its strength or durability.

Uses:  Only small amounts of this prized wood reach the world market, and usually in pieces of small dimension. Cocobolo is highly favored for fine furniture and cabinetry, fine inlay work, brush backs, knife handles, musical instruments, decorative and figured veneers, bowls, jewelry boxes, and other expensive specialty items.

Availability:  We have limited quantities of cocobolo trees available in pure plantings and as part of our Premium Mixture.

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